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TJ's Story

TJ spent most of his adolescence in foster care, and as he neared emancipation, he wasn’t sure what kind of future he could have. His parents, both having lost custody of him had never provided him with a good example of responsible adulthood. He felt really unprepared for what would come after left foster care. Could he go to college? If so, how did he enroll and pay for it? How would he balance working and going to school? Where did he even begin? 

TJ transitioned into Family Care Network’s programs his senior year of high school to receive important support services and learn essential life skills. As a kid with a lot of uncertainties, the support groups and interactive workgroups that he attended helped him to not only connect with other teens, but gave him a better understanding that he wasn’t alone—there were a lot of kids in his shoes trying to make a life for themselves out of some really difficult circumstances. 
He also connected well with his worker, Theo. Entering into the program, TJ had no idea what his options were, so Theo  mapped out everything, and together, he and TJ completed his financial aid paperwork so he could enroll in community college following his high school graduation.
Through FCNI, TJ has made tremendous strides and now has a great chance for success at this whole "adult/college student thing."

*All names are fictitious to protect our clients’ identities.